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Speedy pipeline connection in Australia

In just three months Australian drilling contractor Dunstans Construction Group installed a 700-meter-long pipeline in Anglesea (Victoria). A 250 tonne HDD Rig from Herrenknecht played a key role in the achievement. Within a very short time the construction crew built a sea outfall with the machine, as well as pulling in the pipeline all the way back to the local water treatment plant.

Aussie hole opener a hit

The introduction of polycrystalline diamond composites (PDC) to Hard Metals’ Wombat line of hole openers and reamers can be traced back to the Australian company’s first forays into trenchless technology in 2007.

LP reamer introduced to HDD market

Center Rock’s new HDD-LP Pull Reamer has evolved after many years of success with its LP (Low Profile) canister drill product line. The LP product line has proven to be very efficient in drilling the hardest rock formations around the world. Now, Center Rock is introducing this product into the HDD market.

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Toro Introduces DD4050 Horizontal Directional Drill

Building on the solid performance of the Toro DD4045 horizontal directional drill (HDD), Toro has introduced the newest addition to its horizontal directional drill (HDD) product line — the DD4050. The HDD unit offers a number of new features to complement the existing HDD product line, including increased rotary torque, re-styled guarding around the stake-down area, and a software upgrade to Toro Drill Operating System, or TDOS 1.

Toro Introduces New Drill Operating System, TDOS 1

The Toro Company has introduced TDOS 1, an all-new software operating system for Toro’s DD4050 horizontal directional drill (HDD). The new software will provide a number of added features to HDD operators including streamlined drill controls, intuitive navigation, and single-screen display of all key information – such as tool rotation speed, engine RPM, thrust, torque, and drilling fluid flow and pressure.

B&T Drainage Inc. Named Winner of Vermeer Ultimate Crew Contest at ICUEE

The judges’ votes are in. B&T Drainage Inc. from Marshall, Illinois, has been named the winner of the Ultimate Crew contest, sponsored by Vermeer. B&T Drainage bested three other crews during the Ultimate Crew Underground Showdown, a live drilling competition held at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky.

LaValley Introduces TONGHAND Exit-Side Wrench Attachment at ICUEE

LaValley Industries’ new TONGHAND exit-side wrench attachment provides horizontal directional drillers with a safer, more efficient way to torque up and break pipe joints, reamers and subs. The TONGHAND hydraulic attachment’s patented rotation arms, gullwing design and integral TongVise are controlled by a single operator inside the safety and comfort of any 30-ton excavator. An in-cab display allows the operator to monitor and adjust all functions of TONGHAND operation, including the specified torque value. The TONGHAND works with pipe tool joints ranging in size from 6.5 to 10 inches.

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New Line of Ditch Witch HD Backreamers Enhances Durability on HDD Jobsites

Ditch Witch has released a new line of HD (heavy duty) backreamers to help underground construction operators improve productivity and tool durability on horizontal directional drilling (HDD) jobsites. New to all model designs, the HD backreamers are now equipped with standard API threads to fit any industry drill under 100,000 pounds.

HDD productivity tools unveiled

When HDD drill manufacturer Vermeer spoke to its customers about becoming more efficient, the issues that came up were less about the equipment they were using, than all the processes that surround a horizontal directional drilling job.

Know Your Directional Drilling Bits

HDD rock drilling brings with it a number of technical challenges. The bidding process alone is challenging because often the customer who is requesting bids has little information available about ground formations. Many drilling contractors find themselves conjecturing about what kinds of conditions they will encounter on many jobs, especially when they’re unfamiliar with the area.

Sidewalker Redesign Increases Convenience, Power, Speed

Installing short utility runs beneath landscaping, driveways and sidewalks can be done even more efficiently – and faster – with newly redesigned Sidewalker earth-piercing tools by HammerHead Trenchless Equipment. Both 2 ½- and 3-inch Sidewalker models received upgrades, which include the patented HammerHead quarter-turn Power Port Reverse feature and patented Debris Free Tailcone. The 3-inch Sidewalker now has a uniform profile along its entire length, increasing striker size and boosting impact power.

Vermeer Announces Ultimate Crew Contest Finalists

Vermeer has introduced the Ultimate Crew contest finalists. Four crews from across North America are headed to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky, where they will compete in the Underground Showdown live skills competition. B&T Drainage Inc., from Marshall, Illinois, Martin Hildreth Company Inc., from Rockwell City, Iowa Precision Underground Inc., from Bismarck, North Dakota Tru Tek Drilling, from Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

TT Technologies Offering New Prime Drilling HDD Rig

TT Technologies, is now offering the latest Prime Drilling HDD drill rig with 135,000 lbs. (600 kN) of pullback. The new Prime Drilling PD 60/30 is compact, yet powerful and technically advanced. Because the unit is self-contained, transport and set up times are greatly reduced time. The unit features a specially designed, space-saving, onboard high-pressure pump ideal for greater maneuverability and jobsite flexibility.

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Pipe Express: fast installation through groundwater

Herrenknecht’s newly developed semi-trenchless method for pipeline installation has completed its third successful mission. South of Stockholm, using Pipe Express, Züblin Scandinavia AB installed a water pipeline more than a kilometre in length within 12 days. Groundwater lowering was not required despite a water level just below the terrain’s surface. Compared to conventional open cut construction the method has significantly less impact on the environment, while simultaneously minimizing costs.

Pipe dope ... facts and fiction

One of the last things that you think about when preparing for any drilling job is grease, but in reality, it should be one of the first. Inadequate lubrication can result in lost time, as well as money on a drilling rig. Using the wrong compound can also be as costly.

Advances in midsize HDD technology help underground contractors conquer rock

Rock drilling isn’t the beast it used to be. Technologies developed and refined over the last two decades – specifically in midsize horizontal directional drilling (HDD) systems – are allowing utility contractors and others in the underground construction industry to more easily and costeffectively bore through even the hardest rock.

Vermeer announces Ultimate Crew contest semifinalists

Vermeer Corporation has introduced the Ultimate Crew contest semifinalists. Eight crews from across North America are one step closer to winning a trip to the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) 2015 where they will compete for the grand prize package — which includes the use of a Vermeer D24x40 Series II Navigator® horizontal directional drill for 12 months and the chance to be featured in future Vermeer marketing efforts.

MR90 Mud Recycler

A new mud recycler introduced at UCT has a number of features that will save drilling contractors money in the long run, since the mud coming out of the hole can be recycled instead of disposed of.

New HammerHead R600 Completes Range Of ROUGHNECK Rock Drilling Systems

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment has introduced the HammerHead ROUGHNECK R600, the largest of its pneumatic percussion drilling systems for use in horizontal directional drilling applications. Designed for drilling solid rock with bit diameters of 7.25 to 8 inches, the R600 gives HDD contractors the ability to complete larger diameter bores in fewer passes as well as access to a wider range of single-pass boring applications.

Technologies Offers Effective Trenchless Gas Line Splitting Methods

TT Technologies, offers a wide range of plastic pipe splitting heads developed by working directly with gas utilities to create optimum splitting head configurations. The designs are capable of splitting and replacing plastic gas service and main lines from ½-inch to 4 inches in diameter. The hardened heat-treated steel cutting blades are available in various designs and sizes to best match the type of plastic host pipe, as well as soil conditions. For service line splitting, the splitting heads are paired with a Mini Grundotugger winch or pulled with a backhoe. For main line splitting, a larger Grundowinch cable pulling system is used.

Large diameter pipe ram leaves highway undisturbed in Alberta

Design engineers, with the help of contractors and equipment manufacturers, are pushing the limits on pipe size and drive lengths for pipe ramming projects. Much care and planning are necessary for a project to be successful like one recently competed by In-Ling Contracting Ltd. The project, in Fort McMurray, Alberta, involved installing a 3,657 mm by 72 m long steel creek drainage line under Highway 63. In-Ling Contracting Ltd., was contracted to perform the work.

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