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Production-class vibratory soil compactors

Production-class vibratory soil compactors
The Caterpillar Production-Class range of vibratory soil compactors includes the smooth drum CS54, CS56, CS64, CS74, CS76 and CS76 XT, and padfoot models CP56, CP64, CP74 and CP76. Production-Class soil compactors have operating weights ranging from 10.5 to 19 metric tons (11.6 to 21 U.S. tons) and feature the exclusive Cat dual pump propel system that provides excellent gradeability and blade performance. The dual pump propel system provides separate hydraulic flow to the rear wheels and the drum for exceptional tractive effort in soft underfoot conditions or steep slope applications and allows for superior control on a grade in forward and reverse.

The new C4.4 and C6.6 engines feature a thicker engine block and more-robust components. This improved design makes the engines more reliable and helps them run more quietly. An improved engine airflow design vents engine heat at the rear of the machine. The design helps prevent exhaust from blowing ground-level debris, or blowing heat on the operator.

There are a number of options available, including AccuGrade Compaction which delivers precise GPS mapping and soil compaction measurement capabilities that increase production and simplify job site documentation. A colour display shows the operator a map of the working area and includes critical compaction data, such as working speed, amplitude, frequency, compaction values and number of passes. The compaction values are displayed as a graduated colour scale that is calibrated to match the characteristics of the soil being compacted. A target compaction value is displayed as a certain colour. When the value colours match the target value col-our, the operator can move on to the next work area.

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