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Pumps for seawater desalination have robust design


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Seawater desalination using the reverse osmosis principle is experiencing a veritable boom. To even better serve this market, KSB has developed another high-pressure pump type series. The new pump sets are intended primarily for use in small to medium-sized installations of the kind commonly found in hotels and large ships or for transportable installations in containers.These have a desalination capacity of up to 10,000 cubic metres of water a day.

The complete pump sets, offered in horizontal long-coupled design, are special variants of the tried and tested Multitec range.The fact that they are standard pumps means they have a shorter delivery time and are more cost-efficient than the customised pumps commonly sold in this market segment.

With a discharge head of up to 800 metres and a maximum flow rate of 850 cubic metres per hour, this type series has been used with much success in a variety of applications for many years. The design of the multistage Multitec-RO pumps is robust, and they are made from duplex stainless steel in order to cope with the very aggressive salt water they handle. Featuring a low-maintenance ceramic bearing as well as a hydraulically optimized design and easily replaceable wear parts, Multitec-RO offers a high degree of operating reliability and low energy and maintenance costs. Thanks to the axial inlet the pump set is compact and requires just a discharge-end mechanical seal, which allows space-saving installation.