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Water-powered chemical feed pump has new components

Water-powered chemical feed pump has new components
A new line of water-powered, non-electric proportional chemical-feed pumps began shipping in early 2008.

Labelled SuperDos Professional, this latest product from Dosmatic has new components to handle higher pressures and more chemicals than any other water-driven injector, according to the manufacturer.

The SuperDos housing is con- structed of a proprietary blend of composite fiber materials that are compatible with most chemicals and acids. Dosmatic says this con- struction also results in an exceptionally strong body and cover, al- lowing for some of the industry’s highest operating pressure capa- bilities.

As with other Dosmatic water- driven chemical injectors and medicators, the SuperDos utilizes a patented internal mixing chamber which isolates the motor from the chemical mixture, extending the life of the motor and reducing service and replacement costs. Dosmatic claims to be the first in the industry to conform to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards, and backs its injectors with a three-year warranty that it says exceeds that of any other water-driven injector.

Chemical ratios in the SuperDos Professional line range from 1:4000 to 1:10, with flow rates ranging from 0.04 gpm to 45 gpm (0,15 L/min to 170,34 L/min).