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Ultra-Rib PVC piping suitable for storm drainage, culverts

Contractors and consultants can now draw on a broader range of PVC profile piping for their municipal water systems. With Ultra-X2, IPEX has expanded its Ultra-Rib system, valued for its secure joints and straightforward installation, to include large-diameter 750 mm and 900 mm sizes. The move renders these systems suitable for a wider range of applications, from storm drainage to highway and culvert channels. With its dual-wall construction, Ultra-X2 pipes maintain both reliable hydraulic performance and solid strength characteristics. A smooth inner wall streamlines fl ow with a Manning’s ‘n’ value of 0.009, while a corrugated outer wall reinforces overall structural integrity, enabling use in demanding environments. Despite being designed for non-pressure applications, Ultra-X2 joints withstand hydrostatic pressures of up to 15 psi, making the pipe suitable not only for stormwater systems, but also surcharged sewers and high groundwater applications. Ultra-X2 is certified to CSA B182.4.

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