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Sponge fllters stormwater clean

Sponge fllters stormwater clean
The Smart Sponge from AbTech is one of the ways that green entrepreneurs are trying to save the water supply. Black/brown oily polluted water runs in and runs out into oceans, lakes and rivers cleaned in seconds. AbTech’s Smart Sponge recovers and fully encapsulates recovered oil. Field and laboratories tests have conflrmed the Smart Sponge capability to absorb, depending on the type of oil contaminant, up to flve times its own weight. It is also capable of removing low levels of oil from water, thereby successfully removing sheen. Once oil is absorbed, the Smart Sponge transforms the pollutants into a stable solid for easy recycling

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4110 N. Scottsdale Rd Suite
Scottsdale, AZ
US, 85251


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