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Self-cleaning filters

Schroeder Industries introduces its line of automatic self-cleaning filters. Water commonly used as the working fluid in process systems needs to be kept free of contaminants to protect the integrity of high grade components that are present in process fluid circuits. Solid particulates in water accelerate the rate of wear on system components such as spray nozzles, water valves, and pipelines and results in premature component failure. The system is a backflushing system for extracting particles from low viscosity fluids such as water and machine tool coolants and is ideal for applications where fluid flow cannot be interrupted and must be maintained at an acceptable cleanliness level. harshest wash-down environments used in any industry. Schroeder’s filters are available in a wide variety of sizes with various flowrates up to 33,000 gpm with ANSI flange sizes ranging from 2 to 36 inches.

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