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Portable flow meter works from outside a pipe

Mount the strap-on ultrasonic sensor on the outside of a pipe and this PDFM 4.0 Portable Doppler Flow Meter shows flow rate instantly. It’s designed for flow troubleshooting and quick spot checks. Use the built-in, three-key calibration system to Enter #pipe diameter and the PDFM 4.0 will display and data log your choice of gallons, litres or any engineering units. AC/DC operation and the built-in, rechargeable battery powers the unit for 24 hours continuous operation. Standard features include a simple, 3-key calibration system, 4-20 mA output and a 50,000 point data logger. Windows software is included free with each PDFM 4.0. Retrieve data logs by dial-up or direct connection to the RS232 output. Display and store flow logs on your PC in graph or table format.

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16456 Sixsmith Drive
Long Sault, ON
CA, K0C 1P0


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