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High drilling power from compact unit

The Astec EarthPro Series DD-2024 horizontal directional drill offers plenty of drilling power in a compact size for use in tight working conditions such as near buildings or other obstacles in the landscape.

The DD-2024 offers 20,000 pounds of thrust/pullback force with up to 2,400 ft.-lbs. of rotary torque. Powered by an 83-hp B3.3C Cummins turbocharged diesel engine, it features quad rack-and-pinion drive with adjustable force limiter. The onboard mud pump flows 15 gallons per minute at 1250 psi. The floating carriage has two speeds, including a 120 ft/min fast mode.

The DD-2024 has independent rear stabilizers and a dual stake down system. It’s equipped with a tethered travel control unit to help operator visibility during tramming and transport, and the front-drive track system offers traction and balance. For added safety, the patented Es!Lok system is integrated into the drill controls, and there is an additional strike alert system with a voltage sensor.

The ergonomic operator’s station includes a microprocessor-controlled electronic readout for all function gauges. The multi-function single joystick controls all drill functions, and the comfortable, adjustable seat helps combat operator fatigue.