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Unit fully integrated into SCADA platform

Emerson’s Bristol ControlWave remote terminal unit (RTU) technology has been fully integrated into its Ovation SCADA platform, translating into a number of benefits for municipalities and utilities, including improved water/ wastewater process control reliability, and reduced operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Traditionally, SCADA systems poll RTUs for information either at specified time intervals or on demand. With the integration of the Bristol ControlWave RTU, the Ovation SCADA platform features a configurable polling mechanism. This allows operators the option of having the RTUs send data directly to the SCADA server or central Ovation control system only when values change. Not typically available from other SCADA suppliers, this “report by exception” messaging scheme optimizes bandwidth and provides real-time alarming of remote sites. The Ovation SCADA system also offers users access to more data. If configured for periodic polling, the Ovation SCADA solution with ControlWave RTU technology has the capability to buffer and time stamp data – including alarms – then send it directly to the Ovation historian so that no data is “lost” in the event of a communication failure.

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