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Mixed oxidant electrolytic cell

MIOX Corporation has introduced the oX-Cell mixed oxidant electrolytic cell for existing MIOX mixed oxidant and hypochlorite on-site generating systems. The oX-Cell is designed to reduce operating costs with improved chlorine production, lower salt and energy consumption, an enhanced control scheme, and ease of installation.

“The oX-Cell can improve energy and salt conversion efficiencies, as well as Free Available Chlorine capacity 30-50 percent; that means significant operational savings for our customers,” said Justin Sanchez, MIOX vice-president of Engineering.

The oX-Cell conversion package includes all parts needed to convert qualified existing units, including software and hardware. Installation should take less than one hour to complete. MIOX’s clean technologies use just salt, water and power to create a dilute chlorine-based solution for water disinfection. On-site generation technologies cut back transportation requirements, reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption, and eliminate the storage and disposal of hazardous chemical containers.

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