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GPS-enabled utility locator

GPS-enabled utility locator

McLaughlin Group has introduced the industry’s first GPS-enabled utility locator that allows for one-touch operation.
They have developed software applications that allow its Verifier G2 utility locator to share real-time data with an integrated Magellan GPS unit installed on the Verifier G2 utility locator.
“The McLaughlin applications allow the locator operator to push the depth button and in one step collect the depth, longitude and latitude location of that utility.”
Facility owners can download the raw data into a geographic information system (GIS) as a layer. They can use it to update existing or create new maps. It can also be overlaid on aerial photos or as-builts, along with the other surface facilities that they’ve mapped providing a bird’s-eye view of the excavation site, giving facility owners a much clearer picture of where those lines run from a big-picture perspective.
“Many times facility owner employees or subcontractors arrive at a site and see paint and flags all over, making it difficult to decipher,” says Manning. “But when they can see an aerial or bird’s-eye view, it becomes much clearer.”

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