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Inventory, inspect and map all dropped inlets

Inventory, inspect and map all dropped inlets

The QZ2 is a lightweight, portable, pole-mounted video inspection system that can be operated by one person. Accomplish safe-viewing in industrial or environmental areas with no man entry. The QZ2 is mounted on a lightweight carbon-fibre adjustable telescopic pole that can extend up to 24 feet (an optional 34-foot pole is available). It features a 420:1 (35 optical/12 digital) zoom with automatic focus and self-contained waterproof lighting for enhanced detailed viewing of cracks, breaks, pipe separations, scale and various defect conditions from hundreds of feet away. The new QZ2 includes two high-intensity discharge lights to provide maximum lighting capabilities in all pipe conditions. Video Image Stabilization provides the sharpest and most stable image at maximum zooming.

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