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Culvert video inspection system

Culvert video inspection system

Zistos Corporation has introduced the Culvert Video Inspection System (WS-CIS-14). The WS-CIS-14 is a specially designed video camera system that allows an operator to remotely inspect inside of a culvert for contraband, weapons or explosives that may be hidden from view under a roadbed. Culverts are ideal locations to conceal explosives and other dangerous materials as an intentional act of terrorism directed against vehicles and pedestrians. The system was designed to assist military units in their efforts to inspect for explosives that may have been inserted into the culvert for detonation in advance of a convoy.

The system consists of a 14-foot telescoping pole that clips onto a wheeled base attachment, a low-light, self-illuminating waterproof color camera, batteries, a charger and rugged waterproof case. The rolling pole camera is inserted into the mouth of the culvert and video is viewed on a body-worn monitor. A detachable telescoping pole mounts at a right angle to the 14-foot pole allowing the operator to stand to the side of the culvert opening as a safety precaution. A flexible gooseneck enables the camera position to be adjusted to best suit the inspection task. The illumination controls let the operator adjust the light levels as necessary to optimize the video image. The pole can be detached from the wheels to be used vertically to view other difficult or dangerous areas to access. The system is battery-powered by rechargeable batteries and packs easily into a single waterproof case.
Zistos video systems are all designed with backward-forward compatibility. All systems are field configurable from an array of poles, cameras, thermal cameras, videoscopes and displays.

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