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Weir Minerals Linatex, a business unit within The Weir Group PLC, announces the release of two new products and one new product enhancement.  These product launches provide Weir Minerals Linatex with a new competitive advantage not enjoyed by other hose manufacturers.

“The introduction of these new hose offerings proves that Weir Minerals Linatex is positioned to be the manufacturing leader in the hand-built hose market.  Our products are simply better-performing, and provide advantages not offered by the competition,” says Andrew Philp, VP Comminution Product Marketing at Weir Minerals. “Plus, relative to the competition our products are competitively priced.”

Intended as a replacement for hard walled pipe bends in slurry transfer pipelines, the Linatex preformed hose bend provides a significant wear life improvement over standard metal pipe, especially when abrasion wear and vibration are issues. The premium Linatex tube provides long lasting wear resistance in a rubber compound for wet slurry applications.  This resilient rubber absorbs the energy from moving slurry and returns to its original form whilst dampening vibrations.  Linatex hose bends are stocked in 4” to 16” IDs in both 45⁰ and 90⁰ 3D radii.

The Linatex wear indicator system provides a solution to many of the traditional issues surrounding the maintenance of hose in highly abrasive environments. It provides 24 hour-a-day monitoring and peace of mind.

By installing the Linatex wear indicator system you will avoid the need for physical inspections and costly emergency maintenance downtime. Unexpected hose failures that can cause environmental spills, and health and safety incidents, will be substantially reduced.

Unlike other wear indication systems which only check for a break in the wire (continuity) to detect a go/no-go hose failure point, the Linatex® wear indicator system senses a change in resistance as measured by ohms – such precision measurement provides for more accurate results. 

The Linatex wear indicator system is a revolutionary early warning system for hose that handles highly abrasive materials.

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