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4815A GBM Jacking Frame

For 8-Foot+ Pipe Lengths

4815A GBM Jacking Frame

Akkerman is pleased to introduce the 4815A jacking frame, the newest addition to the Guided Boring Machine (GBM) line of equipment. The 4815A design was made essential as GBM projects are trending towards pipe installations over 400 feet (122 m) in length. These drives require additional torque and jacking force to advance tooling strings accurately at these lengths. The 4815A jacking frame features 30 percent more rotational torque than other jacking frame models. Operators using the 4815A have precision, two-speed advancement control options through the gear box for installing GBM tooling. The 100-ton fast and 265-ton slow advance speeds with 100 tons of pull-back force give operators complete control over GBM accessories. The rotational torque operates in two ranges of force, 0-10,500 ft-lbs and 0-26,000 ft-lbs to match the tooling requirements. Each torque range offers two speed options with 35 and 50 rpm in the low torque and 23 and 35 rpm in the high torque settings.

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