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Submersible shredder pumps

Prevent blockages

Submersible shredder pumps

The model SK submersible shredder pump from BJM Pumps LLC, can handle a variety of difficult municipal and industrial solids handling applications, including sanitary sumps and controlling chemical wastes. The advanced technology shredder pump design can eliminate line blockages while reducing capital and operating costs. The SK series shredder pumps are designed to shred soft solids and debris before pumping. The shredding action is produced using a unique Fang non-clog cutting impeller, with integral Tungsten Carbide vane tips (referred to as teeth); against a high-chrome scalloped wear plate. The cutting teeth shred solids against the pump suction plate, continuously ripping the solids apart with 360-degree shredding action. It works on many objects that would clog an ordinary non-clog pump. The hardened impeller/plate materials provide maximum wear resistance for long service life.

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