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Polyclad ARO

Abrasion resistant pipeline coating

Polyclad ARO

Polyclad ARO is an advanced high performance coating formulated to protect Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) coated buried steel pipe from damage during horizontal directional drilling installations.

Polyclad ARO is specially designed for the protection of FBE or epoxy coated pipeline from gouge and mechanical damage during directional drilling or slip bore installations. Polyclad ARO is applied directly over coated pipe as an abrasion resistant overlay (ARO) and provides superior protection in rocky, rough and mountainous environments. It absorbs thedestructive energy and minimizes coating damage. 

“Polyclad ARO provides excellent adhesion and superior gouge resistance to prepared FBE and other coatings,” said Dallas Finch, VP of Global Research and Development. “This allows for the coated pipe to be used in the most severe conditions and extend the life cycle of the pipeline.” The purpose of ARO coatings is to protect the FBE from damage while being pulled through a drilled hole. The test that best simulates this damage is the gouge resistance test currently being developed by NACE International. Polyclad ARO has the best gouge resistance of all abrasion resistant overlay (ARO) coatings on the market, the company says.