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Schwalm robots now compatible with CCTV inspection camera systems

Schwalm robots now compatible with CCTV inspection camera systems

The self-driven Schwalm Robotic pipe renovation system from LMK Technologies is now compatible with sewer pipeline inspection camera systems resulting in increased pipe renovation capabilities at a reduced cost to contractors and utility owners throughout North America.

The German engineered Schwalm robots significantly save contractors time when compared to traditional winch-in-place robotic cutter systems. The Schwalm large and small robots are not only faster and extremely more efficient, but the capability of these robots has advanced the pipe renovation industry in North America to a level that offers truly trenchless options that, until now, were simply unavailable.

What this means for those who renovate sewer pipelines in North America:

  •  The Schwalm robots have been enabled to plug and play with mainline CCTV systems;
  • The CCTV cable drum, which has 1,000 feet or more of cable, connects directly to the Schwalm robot with a custom made adapter from LMK;
  • The Schwalm robots are equipped with an interchangeable digital zoom camera with functions so precise that a butt-fused pipe seam can be internally ground flush without touching the pipe wall;
  • The large robot can reach 12-inches up into a service connection to remove resin slugs;
  • The robots can cut and drive through a failed CIPP installation, which prevents costly excavations;
  • The Schwalm robot can reinstate service connections post CIPP lining so quickly you’ll think you’re in a fast sandwich restaurant commercial.

  • Additionally, the Schwalm system is capable of installing:

  • Compression plugs used to close abandoned service connections;
  • Cured in-place spot repairs;
  • Cured in-place lateral connection liners.
  • The Schwalm Robot system cuts faster and more efficiently than any other cutter in the market. A Schwalm robot can access the pipe and make renovations from a single manhole access point because it is self-driven. The robot cuts, grinds, and chisels the full circumference of a pipe and operates in pipe diameters from 5.5 inches to 24 inches. A unique feature includes the ability to remotely disconnect the lining equipment, allowing the robot to be used to install another liner while the first liner is curing, which significantly increases production. According to Larry Kiest, Jr., President and Founder of LMK Technologies, “LMK is excited to offer this advanced robotic technology to the trenchless industry by providing world-class robots for top of the line camera inspection systems.”

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