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Enhanced Miller XMT Weld Cable Control

Improves jobsite productivity, quality and safety

Enhanced Miller XMT Weld Cable Control

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has enhanced select models in the XMT WCC (Weld Cable Control) multiprocess welder lineup to improve productivity, quality and safety by reducing trips to the power source to adjust welding parameters and making process selections.

The new improvement to the WCC system now available in both the XMT 350 WCC and the XMT 450 WCC allows the feeder to recognize polarity and send a message via the weld cable to the power supply, which automatically selects the appropriate wire process (GMAW/FCAW) based on the connection. This reduces the need for welding operators to leave the work area to change wire processes and helps improve quality control by ensuring correct process selection for the job to be done.

“This innovative technology allows operators to have more control at the feeder, so they don’t have to take that walk,” Ken Stanzel, product manager with Miller, said. “They can spend more time welding and less time moving around the jobsite, which improves productivity, quality and safety.”