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Pneumatic Rock Hammer System


HammerHead’s ROUGHNECK Pneumatic Rock Hammer system turns any horizontal directional drill into a highly productive rock drilling machine. The ROUGHNECK drills at rates up to 150 feet per hour – the best performance in the industry, according to HammerHead – while providing enhanced steering performance. Coupled with the universal HD high-flow rock drill housing, the rock hammer expands the capabilities of a single pipe directional drill to match nearly every rock condition without changing out the housing.

The patented offset rock bit design provides precise steering, allowing the operator to navigate a wide variety of ground conditions. Integrated facecleaning exhaust ports help prevent plugging of the hammer for reliable performance, and the patented check valve located within the bit eliminates ingestion of debris.

HammerHead’s pneumatic hammer rock drilling system is offered in two sizes: ROUGHNECK R400 (5.125 inches) and the new ROUGHNECK R500 (6.25 inches). Both feature offset bits, patent-pending pullback kit, control station/oiler, and drill conversion kit.