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MQ Range of Hammers and Bits

High-Performance DTH Hammers

MQ Range of Hammers and Bits

Mincon Group PLC announces the launch of the newest addition to its standard DTH range of tools, the Mincon MQ range.

The Mincon MQ range of standard DTH hammers run industry standard drill bits without the need for a foot valve. Mincon engineers, upon advice from Mincon field technical specialists and end users, saw a need in the market for a range of high-performance

DTH hammers that could run readily-available industry standard shanks, while eliminating the weakest part of any DTH bit design, the foot valve.

In addition to eliminating the foot valve, engineers were better able to optimize energy use, giving performance increases over the comparable Mincon hammer that runs a foot valve. This optimized air flow and extremely efficient exhausting also allows the MQ range to drill more efficiently when water is encountered in the bore hole.

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