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New Diesel Welder/ Generator

Offers More Power

New Diesel Welder/ Generator

The new Big Blue 400 Pro dieselengine welder/generator from Miller is more efficient and powerful than ever, with 400-amp output now available in a 300-amp package.

The reliable low-speed diesel machine offers multiprocess flexibility and versatility to work on multiple jobs, with a focus on ease of use, reliability and fuel economy. Improved weld control increases arc quality and optimizes welding output.

“Miller has redesigned its diesel engine-driven welder/ generators to maximize power output and fuel efficiency,” said Joe Gitter, industrial engine drive product manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. “The result is a full product lineup of exceptionally powerful and robust diesel engine-driven welder/generators.”

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1635 W. Spencer St.
Appleton, WI
US, 54912-1079


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