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Sonic Drilling Technology Nominated For A Fourth Award

Ray Roussy
Ray Roussy

The Northern Ontario Institute of Technology (NOIT) has nominated Ray Roussy, developer of modern day sonic drilling technology and the president of the Sonic Drill Corporation (SDC) and Sonic Drilling Ltd., for an Ontario Premier's award.

Roussy is an alumni of NOIT where he was first introduced to mechanical engineering before continuing onto Lakehead University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree in 1974. Today, 40 years later, Roussy holds dozens of patents involving sonic drilling technology and is solely responsible for the successful commercialization of it when others failed to make it work. If Roussy wins the Ontario Premier's award, it will be the fourth award since 2008 for his technology. Previous awards include:

  • 2012 – Technology Award from the National Ground Water Association (USA)
  • 2010 – Manning Innovation Award (Canada)
  • 2008 – Best New Drilling Technology award from the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (Canada)

Award-winning sonic drill rigs, patented and built by the Sonic Drill Corporation, are in use on six continents and in every application imaginable. Due to its non-intrusive abilities, sonic drilling technology has often been used (and specifically requested in government contracts) for sensitive projects such as dam remediation, nuclear site investigations and hazardous waste site reclamation.

Because vibrations from the drill bit are not transmitted very far beyond the drill, penetrations can occur into very sensitive areas such as critical eco-systems, unstable terrain or vulnerable situations where traditional drilling would cause more harm or be impossible to complete.

Initially, sonic drilling technology was seen as a powerful environmental investigation drill due to its ability to provide undisturbed core samples but, now, the technology has broadened in use to excel at geothermal installations, piling and mineral exploration. In fact, 7 out of 10 SDC sonic drill rigs are purchased by mining companies.

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