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Earth Pro Mud Terminator

Spent Drilling Fluids Solidifier

Earth Pro Mud Terminator

Eliminate the high cost of removing drilling fluids using vac trucks and the difficulty of disposal with Earth Pro Mud Terminator. Earth Pro Mud Terminator media consist of a proprietary blend of super-absorbent polymer, absorbent minerals. The material is non-hazardous, chemically inert (won’t react with anything), non-dusty and absorbs very quickly. It has been proven very effective in absorbing drill cuttings, drilling mud and industrial sludge. The product is available in 50-pound and 2,000-pound bulk bags.

Features and benefits include:

  • Reduce weight and volume by as much as 20 percent
  • Immediately converts drill fluids to a solid (<30)
  • Creates a dry, stackable solid for easy handling
  • Helps waste pass paint filter criteria
  • Minimal humidity effects
  • Landfill friendly
  • Manually mix small or large batches