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Water Main Leak Detection

Advanced 24/7 solution

Utilities can accurately detect and monitor leaks on selected water mains from the office – 24/7 – with the EchoShore, fixed leak detection solution from Echologics.

The EchoShore system leverages components of Echologics' LeakFinderRT technology and combines it with GPS and cellular telemetry, creating a network capable of continuously monitoring critical water mains and alerting utilities to leaks before they result in catastrophic main breaks. The multi-functional monitoring system is configurable for any 4-20mA sensor and can therefore monitor a variety of parameters, including water quality, pressure and flow, creating a virtual SCADA system for water mains.

Using sound properties to track the noise activity in a water main, the EchoShore system is designed to collect data and send it to a central receiver. The acoustic vibrations are then analyzed to determine the precise location of a leak. The system is designed to alert utilities to the leak location and size via email, text message, phone call or an Echologics-based customer interface.

"By providing 24/7 leak monitoring, the EchoShore system can detect leaks earlier and help cities avoid potentially catastrophic failures," said Marc Bracken, vice president and general manager of Echologics. "The EchoShore system is deployed nonintrusively without any disruption of water operations and delivers information in a timely manner, allowing municipalities to address the issue before it becomes more significant."