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Brentwood Introduces Stormtank

For Subsurface Stormwater Management

Brentwood is extending its stormwater product line with the introduction of the StormTank Pack to provide a light-duty solution for subsurface stormwater management. The Pack is a cost-effective alternative for non-load-bearing applications and is commonly utilized under landscaped areas such as parks, plazas, and backyards. It is designed for optimum infiltration and integration in bio-retention and rainwater harvesting applications.

The Pack yields a 95 percent void space and utilizes a crossflow media configuration. This allows runoff to spread across the media as it enters the system, evenly distributing stormwater runoff to the base. The Pack can accommodate layout variations because of its flexibility to be cut to any length, and it provides for ease of installation as it does not require assembly.

The introduction of the Pack expands Brentwood’s product offering and provides customers with options for subsurface stormwater management. “The StormTank Pack is a product of partnering with our customers and taking their feedback into account to develop a system that does not require the high load-bearing strength of the Module,” said Mike Whittemore, vice president of business development at Brentwood. “We are excited to help them reduce costs by providing economical options suitable for a variety of applications.”

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