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KEMTRON Technologies Introduces New Tango 600HD2 Packaged Mud Recycling at 2015 Underground Construction Technology Conference & Exhibition

KEMTRON Technologies has introduced the new and improved Tango 600HD2 packaged mud recycling system for the trenchless and underground construction industry.

KEMTRON Technologies has become a leading manufacturer of effective mud recycling systems in North America. Designed for today’s HDD drilling contractor with 80k to 150k pullback rigs in the trenchless, waterwell, or geothermal industry. Capable of processing 600 gallons per minute of drilling fluid, the Tango unit is a high performing recycling system with a compact user-friendly design.

Featuring an industry first touch screen control panel with Wi-Fi capabilities, the Tango 600HD2 allows the operator to run the system from a smart phone, tablet or laptop. In addition, the Tango 600HD2 features the new Hyper-G™ six-panel linear motion shaker with increased G-force output & single-point leveling jack, Firestone™ single-piece vibration isolation system, independent centrifugal pump pockets for direct maintenance access and eight 4” desilter hydrocyclone manifold capable of cleaning fluid down to 25 microns.

Trailer mounted systems feature a Dexter rated heavy-duty dual-axel configuration and hydraulic leveling jacks for efficient unit placement at rig site. The Tango 600HD2 tank has been significantly increased from 3,000 gallons to an impressive 4,000 gallon capacity with new fold out / walk up ladder and increased working deck space. Combine all this with a sound-attenuated 100kw generator package, the Tango 600HD2 packaged mud recycling is the perfect solution for your solids control needs.

KEMTRON Technologies has been manufacturing solids control and waste management equipment for over 25 years.

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