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Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter

Offers durability, flexibility and ease of use on the job

Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter

For workers utilizing manholes, Allegro offers the durable Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter which offers quick, safe removal and replacement of manhole covers by yourself.

The design and engineering minimizes stress and strain on the back and body. Collapsible for easy storage and transport, this Lid Lifter moves manhole covers up to 91 cm (36 inches). It can access uneven textured surfaces found on manhole covers with dual position lifting points to provide the power to break loose the most stubborn covers. The Allegro Magnetic Lid Lifter eliminates the use of pry bars. For safety purposes, the magnet must be in contact with the manhole cover to be engaged. It is offered with steel or aluminum dolly.

Accessories are also available to maximize use including: additional magnets – offered in two strengths lifting up to 299 and 408 kilograms (660 and 900 pounds), Storm Grate Lifting Adapter – with three hooks for easy lifting and moving rectangular storm grates, Spreader Bar – allowing the use of two magnets simultaneously for over sized lids or grates, Chain with Hook – designed to angle the hook for those hard to reach manholes and made of tempered steel to handle the heaviest lids, Extension Bar and Extension Handle – adding 18 cm (7 inches) of added leverage and large 25-cm (10-inch) puncture proof wheels.

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