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Vacuworx Tough Seal

Improves Vacuum Lifting Performance

Vacuworx Tough Seal

The patent-pending Tough Seal, a pad seal formulated to endure rugged job sites while maintaining its integrity in extreme temperatures. The Vacuworx Tough Seal features enhanced UV protection to reduce the damaging effects of sunlight, and is built to perform at temperatures of up to 102 degress C (215 degrees F) and down to -40 degrees C.

Tough Seal is chemically and mechanically stronger, improving the performance life by two to three times, compared with alternative pad technologies. The Tough Seal is compatible with all Vacuworx Lifting Systems, including MC Series and RC Series lifters, as well as competitive vacuum lifting equipment brands. The patent-pending product is geared toward the handling of heavy-duty materials such as pipe and HDD drill stem.

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