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CULTEC Introduces New, Ultra-High Capacity Recharger 902HD Stormwater Chamber

CULTEC Introduces New, Ultra-High Capacity Recharger  902HD  Stormwater Chamber

CULTEC, Inc. has introduced its newest and largest chamber to the stormwater market – the Recharger 902HD. This ultra-high capacity model offers the benefit of minimizing project costs by maximizing storage volume in a given footprint. The Recharger 902HD is an ideal solution for high-volume stormwater management systems due to its lightweight maneuverability, shipping and stockpiling benefits and design flexibility.

When compared to smaller, lower capacity chamber sizes or comparably sized large diameter pipe, clients achieve the required storage volume in a condensed footprint using the Recharger 902HD and require less labor and excavation, resulting in a lower cost per cubic foot. Additionally, the chamber’s shorter length and light weight (78 lbs.) allow for easier handling and reduced heavy equipment time when judged against competitive models.

Units are shipped on pallets at 12 pieces-per-skid, 14 skids-per-truckload and stockpile neatly on site in a compact area. The installing contractor and heavy equipment operator experience less downtime when receiving CULTEC Recharger 902HD material shipments than when waiting for several truckloads of heavy concrete structures or loose pipe to arrive and to be unloaded.

The Recharger 902HD is open on both ends and requires a separate end cap to cap chamber rows. Chambers are joined using an overlapping rib connection. Each 902HD chamber includes CULTEC’s unique side portal feature which allows connections to take place at any point within the system for maximum design flexibility. Smaller chamber-type cross feeds called HVLV FC-24 Feed Connectors are inserted into the side portal openings to create an internal manifold. Having the manifold incorporated within the system reduces the required bed area and related excavation costs. A custom-fabricated external pipe manifold is eliminated by using this internal manifold feature.

The model has an installed length of 3.67’ long, 78” wide and 48” tall. The bare chamber storage capacity of the Recharger 902HD is 17.66 ft³/ft. – more than 20% greater storage per foot than the closest competitor chamber size. The chamber boasts a minimum installed storage of 27.27 ft3/ft. when installed with stone. The Recharger 902HD shall be designed to withstand AASHTO HS-25 defined loads when installed according to CULTEC’s recommended installation instructions.

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