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The PANORAMO SI Manhole Inspection System brings the versatility, speed and data acquisition of the PANORAMO system to downhole inspections. The system features inspection speeds of up to 14 inches per second, 100 percent coverage, geometric measurements from any point inside the manhole, laser depth measurement, 225 feet of cable and capabilities from 10-inch diameter and up. The PANORAMO software allows you to view the manhole from any angle, at any position creating a “virtual-reality” style view of the manhole. This file can be viewed from any computer, anytime. The system also automatically generates a three-dimensional model of the inside of the manhole that can be rotated, viewed, measured, or output to a CAD file for further analysis.

The PANORAMO Manhole Inspection System is a perfect addition to a PANORAMO mainline inspection system or is available in a standalone version. This system has proven to be much faster and less costly than traditional methods of manhole inspection, allowing you to inspect over 50 manholes per workday with one crew. 

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