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HammerHead Adds RS MaxPatch to Its CIPP Offerings

RS MaxPatch is now available from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment.
RS MaxPatch is now available from HammerHead Trenchless Equipment.

Both plumbers and large-diameter pipe repair contractors can now find a complete range of solutions for their point repair, complete pipe rehabilitation and total pipe replacement jobs in one place. HammerHead Trenchless Equipment, a Charles Machine Works Company, authorized distributor of RS Technik, has just added RS MaxPatch to its suite of noninvasive equipment and consumables.

RS MaxPatch is a fast, trenchless, selective point repair system for pipes 3 to 48 inches in diameter. Jeff Urbanski, RS Technik’s national sales manager, said RS MaxPatch gives contractors two benefits over other point-repair systems on the market – a long working time with a short cure time.

“A longer working time permits a contractor to finesse the patch precisely before it starts to solidify or harden,” Urbanski said. “Yet its longer work window doesn’t compromise one of the main benefits of a silicate-based resin, which is a shorter cure time.”

Working time of ambient-cure silicate resins is much longer than that of thermosetting polymers. And RS MaxPatch has the longest working time of any silicate-based resin offered by similar kits on the market. Additionally, use of RS MaxPatch allows for an ambient cure, as heat cure or other accelerators are not required for optimal performance.

Although new to the list of products available through HammerHead, RS Technik’s authorized dealer in North America, RS MaxPatch has proven itself around the world in the 12 years since its introduction. It is appropriate for use with a wide variety of pipe material including concrete, reinforced concrete, vitrified clay, PVC and asbestos cement.

The composite RS MaxPatch system consists of a specially designed glass-reinforced fabric and two-part ambient-cure silicate resin mixture. Engineered as a high-performance system exceeding the structural requirements of ASTM F1216, RS MaxPatch is the ideal cost-effective, environmentally friendly CIPP point or sectional repair solution for all sewer and storm water pipes having a circular or oval cross section.

RS MaxPatch resin is odor-free, styrene-free, VOC-free and presents no hazards to the environment or human health. Resins cure under ambient sewer conditions with very low shrinkage, even under water. The silicate-based resin keeps well in its storage containers without risk of leakage, and a three-year shelf life ensures that infrastructure agencies and municipalities will be able to stock RS MaxPatch inventory on site without undue concern over short expiration.

Ryan Boldan, product manager of HammerHead Lateral Solutions, said: “We’re excited because with the combination of RS Technik’s products and HammerHead’s HydraLiner CIPP line of installation equipment and consumables and full line of pipe bursting equipment, customers now have access to the complete range of options for restoring gravity and pressure sewer, water, and industrial pipe infrastructure. The RS MaxPatch gives us a quick, cost-effective point repair solution to offer our customers, and it’s a critical piece of our CIPP package – whether used as a stand-alone, targeted fix or to prepare damaged pipe for a full-length CIPP lining repair.”

Graphical representation of RS MaxPatch in the ground during an installation.

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