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Envirosight expands offering of sewer inspection vehicles

Envirosight’s 2016 Preferred Build-­‐outs (PBOs) to include expanded standard features and new chassis options

In 2016 Envirosight will expand its offering of Preferred Build-out (PBOs) — vehicles designed for the efficient, productive deployment of sewer inspection equipment. The expanded offering includes the addition of a Ford Transit chassis option with a gas generator. Feature enhancements include expanding the capacity of wash-down tanks from 10 gallons to 18 gallons in most packages; installation of all generators with a dedicated battery (which improves access); a full cork board wall above the operator’s desk; and custom shelving with tool holders above the equipment bay workbench.

“All of these items have been well received in the market, as they not only improve inspection productivity but also durability, functionality and appearance,” says Nicci Vislay, Truck Build Supervisor. “We are excited to introduce the Preferred Build-Out packages for 2016 as we look forward to continuing to build a superior quality CCTV inspection vehicle with even more available features and options.”

The year 2015 has been a filled with expansion for the Envirosight Vehicle Build Team, which operates out of facilities in Evans City, PA and La Verne, CA. In January, they increased their footprint to allow greater capacity and better work flow, improving both overall quality and lead times for vehicle build-outs. They also worked with suppliers to include customized features standard in all builds, such as industrial-grade TV monitors, mud flaps for box truck builds, lighted toggle switches, bench seat cushions, counter top mats, RVX remote mounts and lanyards, and utility drawers and shelving. In addition, the relationship between Envirosight and its local chassis dealers flourished, allowing them to offer a wider range of stock chassis options that are on-the-ground and available for customers needing quick turn-around.

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