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4 key elements to maintaining your sewer infrastructure: Clean, inspect, assess and repair

To minimize costly overhead, it’s important to maintain your sewer systems.
To minimize costly overhead, it’s important to maintain your sewer systems.

Let’s face it, sewers are susceptible to wear and tear just like any other infrastructure. Although not visible from the surface, pipelines are prone to deterioration from both the inside and out. To minimize costly overhead, it’s important to maintain your sewer systems. There are four key factors to keeping your infrastructure operating at optimum efficiency.


Debris, sediment, roots, calcite, concrete, foreign objects – all can cause havoc in a sewer pipeline. You need a crew of skilled operators who have the expertise to get those pipes cleaned properly and quickly, regardless of the conditions. Keeping your sewer infrastructure free of obstructions is the first step to preventing downtime and emergency call outs. Proper cleaning is also required to permit a full view of the condition of pipes when it comes time to make rehabilitation recommendations or perform repairs.


Detecting faults is not an easy task, so regular inspections are wise. Inspecting sewers requires advanced technologies that can navigate through and withstand hostile environments, as well as a contractor with an exceptionally high skill level in complicated, confined space entries. This is not an area where you should choose lower cost over experience.


It’s important to ensure the integrity of your sewer infrastructure, as damaged pipes are a hazard to public health and the environment. Beyond CCTV technologies, there is a wealth of multi-sensor tools that an experienced contractor can bring to bear to determine the problem. You’ll also want an experienced contractor that knows what repair methods are constructible and appropriate for the specific needs of the pipe, conditions of the work, and the goals of the client.


Even with regular cleaning and inspections, eventually your sewerage infrastructure will require rehabilitation. Traditionally, these types of repairs involve digging, which is labor and resource intensive – not to mention disruptive to the surrounding real estate and traffic. However, there are other methods of sewer rehabilitation: NODIG solutions.

Robichaud has the most cost-effective, long-term rehabilitative NODIG processes available. With our expert team of more than 50 qualified technicians, and our fleet of 30+ specialized sewer rehabilitation trucks and robots, we provide every type of trenchless sewer, pipeline and culvert cleaning, inspection, assessment and repair system imaginable. We have the expertise and equipment to help you make smarter and more cost effective decisions – with no digging, less mess and fewer disruptions.

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