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New Sentinel Portable Inspection System

 New Sentinel Portable Inspection System

The new Sentinel Inspection System, from Aries Industries, Inc., is an integrated system with all components operated by an all-in-one controller. The compact, portable unit combines a lightweight reel, a quick set-up tractor and a state-of-the-art camera.

The Sentinel is operated with a convenient controller that operates all components in the system. The control unit, with an 8.4-inch LED screen and internal DVR, can be hand-held or mounted on a desktop.

The reel is easy to transport for use in hard-to-access locations. The tractor, with various wheel sizes, sets-up quickly for standard operation in 8- to 15-inch pipe. A Large Line Kit facilitates navigation in pipes up to 36 inches.

The Sentinel captures high-quality video with a Pan & Tilt camera. Auto focus and white balance, and a 40:1 optical zoom, capture fine detail. The system is designed with minimal parts providing long service life and low-maintenance.

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