Mecalac introduces cabbed site dumpers at Intermat

With the growth of urban construction sites, the associated challenges of  working in confined space, and concern over environmental impact, Mecalac says that site dumpers have returned to the forefront of European city building sites, even supplanting trucks – that are more polluting, more bulky and less agile – on some sites. 

With the acquisition of Terex Construction Equipment U.K., based in Coventry, England, in 2017 and the creation of Mecalac Construction Equipment U.K., the Mecalac Group has added dumpers to its construction equipment range. True to its DNA and its reputation as a "seeker for simple solutions" and as a visionary with a focus on "practical innovation" – Mecalac is working on the development of a new 6-tonne version with the aim to create one of the most effective tools in the urban construction sites of today and tomorrow.

Re-imagining dumpers: a major challenge for urban construction projects
Dumpers evolved as a mechanical complement to excavators and loaders, dedicated to repetitive tasks of loading and unloading the bucket all day long. The driver is permanently exposed and therefore has to mount and dismount from the machine as much as 50 times a day, depending on the application, especially when he also has to handle an excavator in parallel to the dumper. Falls entering and exiting the machine are the most frequent causes of accidents on a construction site and even more serious is the risk that the machine rolls over due to an imbalanced load or is unknowingly working on uneven ground.

While the dumper is an essential tool which is compact and easy to drive, in certain site applications there are additional considerations to take into account, and Mecalac has developed its solution to meet these needs in an effort to minimize accidents on construction sites. 

6MDX and 9MDX: two new Mecalac dumpers designed for safety
For Mecalac, there is no such thing as small machines or small challenges. In the development of its dumpers, the safety of the users was non negotiable – whatever the cost. With its know-how in terms of practical innovation and common sense strategy, the R&D department has transformed the 6- and 9-tonne dumpers of the existing range by incorporating the added value that is Mecalac's strength, which is taking a fresh look at the machine.

The company says that they have designed a cab that "changes everything," with no equivalent on the market, and that fits perfectly into the existing design of the dumpers. The company also took into account the latest innovations in the other machines produced by the Group, such as the new MWR excavators, to adapt the dumpers to the compactness of these mini construction machines. The objective of the Group's R&D was to upgrade the dumpers as quickly as possible into the category of machines with "Made by Mecalac" design, with the safety of users as the driving goal. 

"On the new Mecalac cab dumpers 6MDX and 9MDX each action of the driver is simplified and secure, each of their movements is facilitated, and the protection of all persons on site is optimized. In terms of relevant innovation, "less is more" is one of the secrets to Mecalac's success. Even if behind this apparent simplicity there is an enormous amount of time invested in R&D and in adaptation of manufacturing processes," said Patrick Brehmer, marketing manager Groupe Mecalac 

Putting the operator first, technologies enhance the quality of their work, their comfort and their well-being and safety:

• The best accessibility of any machine on the market, according to Mecalac, thanks to a comfortable ladder to make climbs and descents safe and to limit driver fatigue.
• "Butterfly" side doors creating a wide access space.
• Excellent direct field of vision complemented by a radar, a camera and two flashing lights, the green one issues an alert if the driver still has to put on their seatbelt.
• The addition of a cast metal rear shield for optimum shock protection.
• Excellent ground clearance for optimum access on all terrain.
• A spring-mounted cab to limit noise and vibrations.
• Fuel tank and a service hatch in the lower section of the machine. 
• An advanced dashboard integrating as standard the camera screen.
• Air-conditioning and heating.

Key specs:

• Operating weight = 4,950 kg

• Power rating = 55 kW, 74 hp

• Speed = 28 km/h

• Width = 2,190 mm

• Total length = 4,445 mm

• Capacity = 6,000 kg

• Total height = 2,930 mm 

Company Info

  • Mecalac

    Parc des Glaisins 2 av. du Pré de Challes
    FR , F-74940

    Mecalac S.A., headquartered in Annecy-le-Vieux, France, manufactures a wide range of compact excavators and loaders designed for urban, railway and utility construction sites. Founded in 1974, Mecalac has manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, Turkey and now in the U.K., and a network of 200 authorized dealers and service partners in Europe, Africa, Australia and the U.S.  The company is driven by a 3-strong strategic foundation based on innovation, excellence and profitable growth.  Product design is an evolving process, integrating the best of the many countries and cultures the company spans.

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