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ALLU demonstrates focus on pipeline operations, joins Pipe Line Contractors Association

ALLU demonstrates focus on pipeline operations, joins Pipe Line Contractors Association

ALLU Group Inc. recently became a member of the Pipe Line Contractors Association (PLCA). Based in Dallas, Texas, the PLCA has been a voice for the pipeline industry for 70 years. ALLU Transformer material processor attachments have proven themselves to be effective tools for pipeline padding and backfilling applications.

ALLU has developed its D-Series attachments and TS Drum assembly with pipeline padding in mind. The attachments work with excavators to screen the excavated soil onsite and then backfill it directly into the pipeline trench in one stage. Because it eliminates the need for dedicated stationary screening or purchase of fine soil, it increases the profitability and efficiency of pipeline construction operations. 

Straight side plate construction makes the ALLU D-Series easy to fill and able to hold a greater volume of material, while patented fender plates protect bearings and seals from extreme pipeline conditions. The standard power adjustment valve promotes powerful startup and bi-directional rotation, as it also prevents overloads. Hydraulics are located on the back of the attachment, protecting them from damage. 

The core of the TS Drum Assembly technology is the configuration of the screening blades that spin between the screening combs. End product size is defined by the space between the combs, and different fragment sizes can be achieved simply by repositioning the combs. Because the screening combs carry most of the material weight, the drums and bearings experience less impact and load. The design of the assembly ensures the machine works well in wet and dry materials without clogging.

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