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CUES launches new pipeline inspection tool

CUES launches new pipeline inspection tool

CUES has developed a new pipeline inspection tool designed to significantly reduce unplanned downtime. The CUES REDI (Remote Evaluation Diagnostic Inspection) Kit is the first pipeline inspection troubleshooting kit available on the market today designed to help diagnose electrical issues, allowing for quicker and more accurate troubleshooting and repairs of problems while in the field. The release of this new product reflects CUES continuing commitment to offer the best customer support services in the business.

The CUES REDI Kit features a hi-resolution web camera for two-way video conferencing with CUES to expedite troubleshooting and enhance parts identification, a Diagnostic Test Box for easy access to the TV cable conductors via test points, a built in mini-camera, used to send video back thru the TV cable and truck, and much more. Use the REDI kit, along with the CUES technical staff, to take CCTV pipeline inspection troubleshooting and support to the next level.

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