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Ontario sewer and water contractors applaud move to open bidding on publicly-funded contracts

Ontario sewer and water contractors applaud move to open bidding on publicly-funded contracts

The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association (OSWCA) applauds the Ford Government's action to make bidding on publicly-funded construction contracts open to all qualified companies. For too long, some very competent contractors have been shut out of publicly-funded project work in their local communities. The government's action today will bring a much greater degree of fairness to procurement processes across the province. 

"The OSWCA believes in a fair and open tendering process on all publicly-funded construction projects," said Larry Taylor, current President of the OSWCA. "Research shows that restrictive tendering practices result in fewer bidders, which translates into higher costs. Open competition on publicly funded projects will ensure public buyers are getting the best prices and are being accountable to local taxpayers."  

With the majority of public buyers already operating on an open-tendering model, these changes will simply even the playing field and treat all qualified contractors in the same manner on public contracts in every community in Ontario. 

"For decades, both our union and non-union contractor members have successfully competed alongside each other to bid on, and build, public infrastructure in most communities across the province," said Giovanni Cautillo, Executive Director of the OSWCA. "The changes outlined in this Bill will simply give every qualified contractor a fair shake, by allowing them to bid on work that is being funded from the public purse." 

This is an important and responsible change that will allow for more companies to bid on projects in an open and transparent environment. It will ensure greater competition for public contract work and will ultimately result in more competitive pricing. 

The Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association fosters health and safety, professionalism, ethical processes, sound infrastructure investments, good governance, and fiscal responsibility on behalf of Ontario's sewer and watermain construction industry. 

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