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HammerHead introduces new CIPP hot-water curing system at WWETT

The HeatWave, an all-in-one, hot-water curing system, introduced by HammerHead Trenchless at WWETT 2019.
The HeatWave, an all-in-one, hot-water curing system, introduced by HammerHead Trenchless at WWETT 2019.

HammerHead Trenchless, a Charles Machine Works Company, introduced the HeatWave, an all-in-one, hot-water curing system, at the recent WWETT exposition in Indianapolis, February 21-23. The HeatWave is a field tested, user-friendly, fully integrated unit that provides for quick activation of the resin and shortened curing times. 

The HeatWave system's ability to move water at up to 11 gpm helps it raise temperatures faster and keep an entire run up to 12 inches in diameter evenly heated to the target temperature. Moving more water through the boiler improves system efficiency resulting in shorter curing times and even cures throughout the length of the run. 

All controls are centrally located for the operator's ease of use. To switch from fill to recirculation mode, the operator simply turns a lever on the panel. An onboard return-temperature sensor makes it easy to monitor temperature, helping operators confidently follow the curing schedule for a given product combination on a specific job. 

The HeatWave is the industry's only hot-water CIPP curing unit designed, constructed and tested to United States and Canada safety standards, including applicable portions of UL 1776 & CAN/ CSA 22.2 no. 68.

The HeatWave is available from HammerHead Trenchless or authorized dealers. 

The HeatWave, an all-in-one, hot-water curing system, has a centrally located control panel for ease of use.

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