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Vactor Manufacturing launches two new products

iMPACT™ Combination Sewer Cleaner

Vactor Manufacturing launched two new products at the 2020 WWETT Show in Indianapolis: the Vactor iMPACT sewer cleaner and a new version of the Vactor Ramjet water jetter.

iMPACT Combination Sewer Cleaner

Replacing the outgoing Vactor 2103, the new Vactor iMPACT has a compact design that allows it to easily maneuver through tight spaces. A more economical choice for smaller-scale applications, Vactor iMPACT is ideal for cleaning catch basins, sanitary/storm sewers, laterals and lift stations. 

Like the highly successful 2100i, iMPACT will feature the IntuiTouch control system that redefines simplicity, delivering operator ease and efficiency during all sewer cleaning functions. Inside the cab, operators can gain control of all operational systems by employing one-touch controls for quick PTO activation and engagement. Outside the cab, operators find a rotating control panel with up/down adjustment that features a touchscreen and glove-friendly tactile buttons, providing immediate data.

"We've experienced tremendous success and have received positive feedback from customers when we launched the Vactor 2100i a couple of years ago," said Josh Malmassari, product manager for Vactor Manufacturing. "It was a no-brainer to integrate IntuiTouch to the mid-size iMPACT for customers who are looking for a solution that offers maximum operator control and productivity without making a big impact on their budget."

Other key features include ample storage and enhanced ergonomics that provide optimal operator comfort and efficiency. And, the exclusive Jet Rodder water pump provides continuous flows through its entire operating range.

Ramjet Truck-Mounted water jetter

As the successor to the existing Vactor Ramjet model, the new version redefines simplicity, also featuring IntuiTouch technology. The new Ramjet also offers improved water plumbing, allowing for greater storage options.

The water jetter will continue to offer the proven standard and optional features that have made the Vactor Ramjet a popular choice with municipalities and contractors. Features including the Jet Rodder water pump that delivers smooth continuous flow at the nozzle for general cleaning and root cutting and Park-N-Clean technology that allows operators to park near a manhole to begin cleaning in a matter of minutes come standard. The Ramjet also includes a superior cold weather package that separates wet and dry items and a rear hose reel with optional integral aluminum shroud for optimal performance in cooler environments.

"The Ramjet is one of our premiere products with a proven record of performance, but we wanted to take it a step further and provide greater precision, enhanced productivity and a new level of simplicity for the operator," said Malmassari. "This newly upgraded Ramjet demonstrates our commitment to innovation that takes our customers to the next level."

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