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SANEXEN completes first lead-free water technology pilot project in Canada

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In August of 2020, a pilot project successfully wrapped up between SANEXEN Environmental Services and the City of Montréal-Est. Both collaborated to implement ALTRA, the next generation of lead-free water technology in pipes leading to residences in the community.

The municipal leaders at the City of Montréal-Est attended SANEXEN's online summit on innovation in water technology last April, along with many other communities facing challenges with their aging water main infrastructure. There is growing pressure from residents to address lead service lines that are common across North American buildings built before the mid-50s, and to address lead welding at the joints done until the 90s. The discussion now is how to address these issues before they become emergencies and also, how to keep costs and disruptions at a minimum, while respecting the environment. 

"From the moment we launched this pilot project with SANEXEN, our engineers were engaged in the discussion and planning, which made for a seamless execution from start to finish. Our team was on-site for the installation and saw first-hand how different this new technology is from the typical open-cut method that we have used in the past," explained the Mayor of Montréal-Est, Robert Coutu. "Where normally we would have had to shut the street down dig up the sidewalk as well as the street to access the pipes, instead, there was a small opening dug out to access the pipe and the installation took only 2.5 hours from beginning to end, which would have been much longer with the traditional method. Minimizing disruptions in our neighbourhoods represents an enormous benefit for our citizens."  

"When you are working with municipalities like the City of Montréal-Est, whose leaders are innovative thinkers and willing to take calculated risks to try a proven solution which is different from what they have done for years, the job is very satisfying," stated Madeleine Paquin, President of SANEXEN. "We appreciate working with professionals and are proud of ALTRA, our solution, as it is saving communities money, time and disruption and is ensuring healthy and safe water for the families that live there." 

SANEXEN is currently installing its lead-free water technology in cities and towns across the U.S. and Canada.

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