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HammerHead Trenchless releases redesigned bluelight LED cured-in-place pipe lining system

The HammerHead Bluelight system
The HammerHead Bluelight system.

HammerHead Trenchless has released its newly redesigned Bluelight LED cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining system. The next-generation Bluelight system features user-friendly enhancements and expanded capabilities making it an ideal solution for the rehabilitation of laterals and small sewer pipes 3 to 10 inches in diameter.

The Bluelight technology alleviates the time pressures of other CIPP systems and curing methods. The specially formulated single-part resin only cures under light in the "blue" wavelength, giving installers a significantly longer working time between liner wet-out and curing. Once installed, the automated curing system pulls the LED light head through the liner, curing the resin almost instantly — as fast as 5.4 feet per minute.

New features include:

  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Interchangeable reels available in 131- and 164-foot lengths
  • Three light head sizes including a new 3" light head
  • Lightweight, ergonomic frame for easier maneuverability and portability
  • Both the original Bluelight system and the newly redesigned model are capable of navigating and repairing 45- and 90-degree bends, and some transitions
  • The Bluelight system resin is free of styrenes and VOC's, and the system meets or exceeds ASTM F1216

The new Bluelight system will be available for delivery in the Fall of 2021.

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