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WIKA is enhancing its temperature transmitter portfolio with a new line of general- purpose transmitters.The T91 temperature transmitters are available with voltage or current output and in rail or head mounting versions.These analogue temperature transmitters are characterized by fixed measuring ranges for thermocouples or Pt100/Pt1000 RTDs. Industry-compliant accuracy, interference resistance and sensor monitoring are further features of these compact signal converters. The T91.10 head-mounting transmitters can be mounted inside any standard connection head. In addition the T91.20 head mounting version is available for DIN form J connection heads. The T91.30 rail-mounting transmitter offers a useful special feature: the sensor input and output are galvanically isolated – regardless of the analogue construction. For this reason the T91.30 is ideal for fast measurements even with non-insulated or base-metal thermocouples.

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