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OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 modules are the first products in a new family of low-cost, USB-based products from OMEGA. They are full-featured data acquisition products which utilize the Universal Serial Bus (USB) which is now built in to almost every new PC. And because of the strict power limitations of the USB, the modules incorporate special power-management circuitry to ensure adherence to USB specifications. Designed for high accuracy and resolution, these 22-bit data acquisition systems directly measure multiple channels of voltage, thermocouple, pulse, frequency and digital I/O. These modules feature convenient removable screw terminal input blocks to simplify input connections. Just a single cable to the PC provides high speed and power and no additional batteries or power supplies are required except when using bus-powered hubs. The compact OMB-DAQ-54/55/56 is ideal for portable data acquisition applications. The OMB-DAQ series has many industrial applications, especially within the chemical, petroleum and environmental fields.

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