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System monitors up to 144 points

Sensaphone’s most advanced remote monitoring system, the SCADA 3000, is now available with Ethernet capabilities. This new feature allows facility managers and other approved personnel to access live status, alarm history and other advanced information from any computer within a specified computer network for added convenience. The SCADA 3000 connects easily to a PC host and offers the highest level of monitoring, data logging and alarm notification. It comes packaged with Windows-compatible software to track 16 universal inputs and eight relay outputs. Expansion input and output modules make it possible to monitor up to 144 total points, so the system’s capabilities can grow with any given application. The unit monitors critical environmental conditions and alerts facility managers of changes in temperature, power failures and surges, pressure, timers, alarms, excess humidity, water on the floor, intrusion and more. The SCADA 3000 will send facility managers notifications via phone, fax, text message, numeric page and e-mail. With the new Ethernet capacity, operators can easily access alarm activity, reports and additional data.


The new Sensaphone 400 comes equipped with enhanced features including customizable voice messaging; programmable relay output; a phone-line seizure feature; and a diagnostic test function. It replaces the Sensaphone 1104, the company’s bestselling remote monitoring system. The combination of enhanced features and price point make the 400 the most cost-effective, feature-rich Sensaphone system ever. The Sensaphone 400 is a standalone remote monitor and alarm notification system with no monthly fees. It helps protect equipment and facilities by alerting owners, facility managers, lab technicians, building supervisors, and others to changes in critical environmental conditions. It also monitors operating conditions such as temperature, power supply, alarms, excess humidity, water on the floor, and intrusion.