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Turbo-disc filter system for water reuse applications

Target applications for the automatic, self-cleaning Turbo-Disc Filter system include reuse water for irrigation and industrial use, pre-filtration for membranes, storm water, cooling tower water, well water, and surface water. Available in multiple micron sizes, the lightweight three-dimensional polypropylene disc media uses a minimal amount of backwash water (approximately 10 gallons of water per pod). Air-assist models are also available. The filters come complete with a pump on a stainless steel skid. An onboard controller monitors the differential pressure across the system, triggering an automatic backwash when dirty without interrupting the downstream flow. Filter lid enclosures have a stainless steel quick-release band clamp assembly, enabling easy access to the disc cartridge for maintenance purposes. Turnkey systems can be custom engineered, complete with other filtration and water treatment technologies.