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Unit fully integrated into SCADA platform

Emerson’s Bristol ControlWave remote terminal unit (RTU) technology has been fully integrated into its Ovation SCADA platform, translating into a number of benefits for municipalities and utilities, including improved water/ wastewater process control reliability, and reduced operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Remote temperature sensor

The MSP900FH ultrasonic level transmitter features a pre-wired remote temperature sensor and is ideal for water and industrial processing sites looking to improve the accuracy of their open channel flow measurements. Used in the open air, conventional ultrasonic level transmitters are prone to suffer from inaccuracies caused by “solar gain” when the sun shines directly on them. The Mobrey MSP900FH transmitter has been designed to overcome this problem by using a remote temperature sensor wired directly into the transmitter. Measuring just 10 mm in diameter x 25 mm in length, the compact sensor can easily be located in an appropriately shady spot between the liquid surface and the transmitter.