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Multi-Purpose Compactor

Featuring intelligent machine controls for enhanced performance and optimal safety, BOMAG’s BMP8500 articulated multi-purpose compactor offers versatile operation for compaction of cohesive, semi-cohesive and non-cohesive soil types in applications such as trenches and foundations.

Hydrostatic four-wheel-drive and sealed frame

Bomag has a new class of compactors that combine their expertise in soil and refuse compaction. “With this concept, we’ve taken innovations from our single drum rollers and meshed them with proven design features from our refuse compactors,” said Dave Dennison, product manager at Bomag Americas, Inc. “The result is a product that is well-suited to push, spread, and compact soil for medium to large-scale dirt projects.” Providing outstanding power, grade-ability, and traction, the BC462EB features four-wheel hydrostatic drive and a 255-hp, water-cooled, Deutz diesel engine. It features a sealed frame design to keep job site materials from entering the frame or engine compartment while providing complete protection to the drive train components. A scraper bar system keeps the wheels free of dirt, maintaining the highest level of compaction performance. Unlike Bomag’s full line of single-drum vibratory rollers, the BC462EB achieves superior compaction through sheer weight (51,000 pounds), the wheel design, and the impact force of the teeth. The BC462EB is ideal for highways, bridges, dams and other projects where spreading and compacting large amounts of soil is required, and the travel speed provides high productivity.